Lestle VSCode

// Blanka

Raccoon \\

LESTLE is a simple & minimal theme for the eyes.

Rather than go for something too dark, or too bright… It’s just right ;)


• Easy on the eyes colors.
• Sidebar/Gutter colors
Green - Added
Purple - Modified
Red - Deleted
Grey - Highlighted named item
• Smooth line number viewing
• Light line viewing markers
• Looks lovely


Easy to install. Simply place the lestle_vscode folder in your vscode extensions folder - which is located [on mac] HD/Users/userName/.vscode/extensions Please use the ‘show & hide’ below


The easier high sierra+ way

shift + cmd + .

To show hidden files
Then press again to hide again

The old ‘pre high sierra way’
You will have to ‘show’ hidden files on mac computers to get to the folder using terminal. So you can use this to show

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true ; killall Finder

Then use this to hide again

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean false ; killall Finder


I plan to have additions to this theme & fix colors when needed/found that I may have missed. Things would change from time to time. But nothing drastic ;)


Any problems, by all means go & make an issue

The themes for XCode, Sublime & Atom are still available - but are now stored in the oldbranch branch. I dont plan to update these any time soon