// Project Sound

Pixel Spirit Elements \\

Pronounced ‘queen’, but stands for ‘quick nape’

A simple wrapper to use the awesome nape physics with kha.

Currently in super beta & needs tons of work for everything else. but its meant to make things just a wee bit simpler to get things up & running


Simply open up terminal/command line & type [or just copy this next bit of code]

haxelib git qn https://github.com/lewislepton/qn.git

//how to use

In your kha projects khafile.js - put in this


Also check out the given example[s]


  • Work further on world class further & make it cut out using space in the project
  • Work on bouncing stuff
  • Extend things further
  • Make more examples
  • Able to change rotation point. so far its only in the middle
  • Many more things… but cant think right now ;)


imageshape listencollidesensor multishape onewayplatforms fluidbodies