// Lestle VSCode

This engine is from the Kha Tutorial Series Github & the Kha Tutorial Series YouTube Playlist

This repo will be updated each time the engine is updated in the series & built upon thru-out the series

*This library used to be called ‘lkl’, but was changed & is now a mini engine we are building upon in the series


Within terminal/command line & making sure haxe/haxelib is setup:

haxelib git raccoon https://github.com/lewislepton/raccoon.git

//How To Use?

In a Kha project, go to the khafile.js & put this in:


You can then use the library within a Kha project


Simply enter this in terminal/command line:

haxelib upgrade


Check the examples folder. This holds examples for many different things that raccoon can do. This will be updated with newer tests & interesting things that the engine can do

• Keyboard Movement
• Particles
• Shaders
• UI