Kitten Crusher

// Lightmare

OTO Game Jam \\

Back in the simpler days of 8bit - comes Kitten Crusher

Play as a boot wielding… Thing. Stomp the streets in search of copulating kittens. You must stop them, leaving a trail of twitching corpses in your wake.

Rack up a high-score & keep your experience points pumping.

Stop these cavorting kittens from amassing.


• Simple controls
• 8 bit goodness
• Copulating kittens
• Sexy gameboy colors

//Fun Fact

I was contacted by several people of the ‘keep animals safe’ variety. Calling me heartless & saying that my game promotes animal cruelty & that I should take the game down.

I contacted each & every one of them outlining why I wont take it down.

• Its an 8bit[ish] game
• Has no blood
• Im vegan & care about animals & the well being of them
• Showed a picture of myself with my cat sleeping next to me as I made the game

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