OTO Game Jam

// Kitten Crusher

OTO is a minimalist platformer.

You need to get to the exit. Shame is, there are obstacles in the way. Destroy everything & get to the exit.

OTO Characters

Its easy getting around OTO, just be careful what you run into & make sure you destroy everything before the exit opens.

OTO controls

OTO was made during the notGDC Jam 2019, the theme was minimalism.


• 31 Levels
• Simple Design
• 3 Lovely Looped Music Tracks
• Keyboard & Xbox One Controller Support
• Squishy Sounds


Im very tempted to make this into a full release, create more levels & many more mechanics. Look at different playable platforms that would be great for it & even level building/editing/sharing.

I would start all over again, going thru everything & making sure that things were perfect for a full, paid release.

Update | 5th April 2019

Work has now started on an updated version. This will address issues within the game jam version. But development for greater mechanics & puzzles are in the works to have a much bigger experience.

The updated, ‘full’ version will be released mostly for desktop platforms. As it feels nice. I would like to look on mobile, but for now, its development time on desktop, since playing with a gamepad is really nice ;)

This versions links will change closer to a release, to something like ‘otogamejam’, as I like the name of OTO, but will keep my mind open for other names. But will still have links going to the game jam version.

There is no timeframe as to when this will be done & available. But since the engine ive made has much of the legwork done, it means I can hone in on issues easier & get the work done sooner rather than later