Kha Setup

KHA is a portable multimedia framework written in HAXE. A low level framework that makes writing games, software application & other cool things much more simple than using OPENGL or SDL.

This will be updated once new KODE STUDIO versions are released with all the nice new features.

This was made for macOS users, but easy enough for Linux/Windows to find since they dont hide things as much.



These settings are set so we can use the git version of KHA. We comment out when we init the project. Then uncomment so we are then using git kha. The reason we comment out is so we can use the init settings for our project.

In preferences go to user settings & copy & paste in.


this is for starting new projects, make the main.hx & project.hx look good.

With the init.js, head to KODE STUDIO & right click to show package contents, then:


That second KHA is not a typo. Just plop in the init.js to the out folder & it will have the settings I use for new projects & for all my KHA TUTORIAL SERIES.

You'll need to do this process again if & when you get a new version of KODE STUDIO


An on-going collection that makes using KHA that much easier.

In KODE STUDIO & head to preferences & click on user snippets. Just select & copy over the snippets.