Kha Tutorial Series

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Kha is a portable multimedia framework written in haxe.

A low level framework that makes writing games, software application & other cool things much more simple than using OpenGL or SDL.

These tutorials are to help people get used to Kha, implement cool stuff & really make some funky things.

All videos [over 130] are viewable from my super duper YouTube channel.

You can grab the source code of all videos from the GitHub repository


  • • Short & simple to follow videos
  • • No programmer jargon
  • • Source code available
  • • Older source code updated with new additions
  • • Easy for beginners

The series aims to make game development with Kha as easy as possible. We go from simple things regarding the syntax & understanding how things work. All the way to creating our own simple game engine called Raccoon.

Let’s Kode

The series has made the jump to creating games using what we have been learning.

Let’s Kode: KhappyBalt

Honourable Mentions






Visual Studio Code & Kode Studio