openFrameworks is a fantastic playground, but there is a lack of tutorials. So these are my own entries to help people discover & get used to it.

This video series is for beginners, but also for people to brush up skills. Rather than being 20+ minute videos, these are short & bite sized - to be easier & much better to take in.
Plus much easier for people to find what they need to learn from.


All videos are viewable from my super duper YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
You can grab the SOURCE CODE of all videos.


From videos 000 to 044, I’d been exporting the video to standard 1080p, which is not my screen size.
But now, I’m exporting in the same dimensions I record in [& what is my screen size] - which is 3360x2100. I’ve decided to not squash these anymore to 1080p.
I want the best quality i can give to people to learn best from ;)


• Short & simple videos
• Source code available
• Easy for beginners


This tutorial series is also on the OPENFRAMEWORKS site. So a big ‘thank you’ for them putting it on.