openFrameworks Tutorial Series

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openFrameworks is a fantastic platform for creating interesting works with code. But there is a lack of viable & clear tutorials. This is where this series steps in.

The series is for beginners, but also great for brushing up skills & re-learning. Rather than being larger, singular videos that branch into too many things, these are short & bite sized - to be easier & much better to take in & what they need to learn.

Each episode has its own dedicated topic, for images, sound, audio & even UI elements.

What do we do?

At first we introduce ourselves to the framework. How things work. Making sure we know how to create a project, as well as how we can download, install & use ofxAddons for our project.

We then move into creating small projects to understand certain features of openFrameworks. This can be from basics such as: how to go fullscreen, to how we can load 3D models/objects. Moving onto really impressive things like computer vision [such as ofxOpenCv & ofxCv] & using external hardware sources such as cameras to create small interactive projects.


We use macOS & Xcode.
Code should not be any different for users on Linux or Windows, but there will be platform/system specific things for certain features [which we will address when they come up].

There has been talk about using Visual Studio Code within openFrameworks. Personally im looking forward to this & will be implementing it into the series once its made public. It breaks it down the divide that people have with IDEs & gives an even footing, allowing people to use the same text editor. The only difference is platform/system specific features.


  • • Short & simple to follow videos
  • • Source code available
  • • Easy for beginners

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