8 BIT SAMPLE FACTORY is a massive collection of 1400 royalty free 8bit sounds.

i made this pack due to myself making sounds for other people that needed sounds which had to be 8bit.
so one day [or should say a few days ;)], decided to make a massive collection that would answer my own need to get work done but also help others with there work.

i have tried to address as many nuances as possible with the sounds, so there may be a bit of a filter dip in one and a longer tail on others. i really wanted to make the pack useful because peoples taste in what they like to hear is different. so hopefully this pack addresses those wishes.


• 1400 royalty free samples
• .wav format
• 1 shot hits
• in glorious mono ;)
• 7 categories - jumps, gut shots, power ups, pick ups, hit damage, bomb explode and select switches